Aug 5th

Advanced New Drug from Nektar with a Short-chain PEG

Nektar Therapeutics is advancing a new drug NKTR-181 to a Phase III clinical trial, which uses polymer chemistry to reach an elusive public health goal: relief from chronic pain with little potential for abuse.

This new drug approach is to covalently bond, through an ether linkage, a short-chain PEG to a five-ring morphinan. The resulting molecule can cross the blood-brain barrier slowly, preventing the “rush” that abusers seek.

BroadPharm provides a broad spectrum of monodispersed, high purity PEGylation reagents which can be used for conjugation of small molecules, peptides and proteins, resulting in prolonged stability, increased water solubility and lower immunogenicity.

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May 10th

BroadPharm has filed a new non-provisional US patent for PEGylated cyanines.

BroadPharm, a leading customer-focused biotech company, has filed a new patent which covers functionalized PEGylated cyanine compounds and their applications. The incorporation of PEG into cyanine dyes has greatly improved the dye’s hydrophilicity. The introduction of a variety of functional groups broadens the applications of these cyanine dyes in biolabeling, imaging and other fields.

“The filing of this new patent will further strengthen BroadPharm's leading position in PEGylation and biolabeling field.” said David Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of BroadPharm.

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May 1st

BroadPharm has recently introduced a broad range of new compounds used for Click Chemistry.

Click Chemistry has been widely used in pharmaceutical and biotech industry for more than 10 years due to its mild conditions and biocompatibility. BroadPharm has integrated our bestselling “PEG Linkers” products into the traditional Click Chemistry reagents to make the new reagents more water-soluble and biocompatible.

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