Carboxyl/Carbonyl Reactive

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Building blocks for derivatizing carboxylic acid with DBCO moiety.

The following DBCOs are available at Broadpharm. Click the catalog number to see purity specifications, fluorescence information and availability.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Carboxyl/Carbonyl Reactive

BP-22066 DBCO-amine DBCO-amine 276.3 96% Pricing
BP-23309 Sulfo DBCO-amine Sulfo DBCO-amine 427.5 95% Pricing
BP-24152 DBCO-PEG2-amine DBCO-PEG2-amine 435.5 Pricing
BP-23958 DBCO-PEG4-amine DBCO-PEG4-amine 523.6 98% Pricing
BP-24151 DBCO-PEG6-amine DBCO-PEG6-amine 611.7 Pricing
BP-24150 DBCO-PEG9-amine DBCO-PEG9-amine 743.9 Pricing
BP-22292 DBCO-NHCO-PEG4-amine DBCO-NHCO-PEG4-amine 523.6 98% Pricing
BP-23310 Sulfo DBCO-PEG4-amine Sulfo DBCO-PEG4-amine 674.8 95% Pricing