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TCO-PEG-DBCO is a PEG derivative containing a DBCO moiety and a a TCO group. This reagent thus can be used to convert azido-containing biomolecules into TCO-modified biomolecules through covalently linking azido- and tetrazine-modified peptides or biopolymers.

The following TCO-PEG-DBCOs are available at Broadpharm. Click the catalog number to see purity specifications, fluorescence information and availability.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing


BP-24160 TCO-PEG4-DBCO TCO-PEG4-DBCO 675.8 Pricing
BP-22423 TCO-PEG12-DBCO TCO-PEG12-DBCO 1028.3 95% Pricing