Cyanine Tetrazine

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Cyanine Tetrazine is a cyanine dye containing a Tetrazine moiety, which can ligate with TCOs with the fastest bioconjugation speed. It is an inverse electron demand [4+2] cycloaddition that takes place between tetrazine and trans-cyclooctene or other strained olefin.

The following reagents are available in BroadPharm. Please click catalog number to see purity specificationsand fluorescence information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Cyanine Tetrazine

BP-23321 Sulfo-Cy3-Tetrazine Sulfo-Cy3-Tetrazine 894.1 90% Pricing
BP-22441 Sulfo-Cy3-Methyltetrazine Sulfo-Cy3-Methyltetrazine 908.1 95% Pricing
BP-22941 Sulfo-Cy5-Tetrazine Sulfo-Cy5-Tetrazine 920.1 90% Pricing
BP-22442 Sulfo-Cy5-Methyltetrazine Sulfo-Cy5-Methyltetrazine 934.1 95% Pricing