Fluorescein Azide

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Fluorescein Azide is a green emitting fluorescent dye derivitative containing an azide group, which enables Click Chemistry.

The following fluorescein azides are available in BroadPharm. Please click catalog number to see purity specificationsand fluorescence information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Fluorescein Azide

BP-22544 FAM azide, 5-isomer FAM azide, 5-isomer 458.4 96% Pricing
BP-22545 FAM azide, 6-isomer FAM azide, 6-isomer 458.4 96% Pricing
BP-20956 Fluorescein-PEG2-azide Fluorescein-PEG2-azide 563.6 96% Pricing
BP-23405 Fluorescein-PEG4-azide Fluorescein-PEG4-azide 651.7 95% Pricing