Fluorescein NHS ester

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Fluorescein NHS ester is a fluorescein dye containing an amine-reactive NHS group and can be used as a labeling reagent for antibodies and other purified proteins at primary amines (lysine side chains).

The following fluorescein NHS esters are available in BroadPharm. Please click catalog number to see purity specificationsand fluorescence information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Fluorescein NHS ester

BP-23900 FAM NHS ester, 6-isomer FAM NHS ester, 6-isomer 473.4 98% Pricing
BP-22401 Carboxyfluorescein-PEG12-NHS Carboxyfluorescein-PEG12-NHS 1073.1 96% Pricing
BP-20959 Fluorescein-PEG6- NHS ester Fluorescein-PEG6- NHS ester 839.9 98% Pricing
BP-23378 Fluorescein-PEG6-bis-NHS ester Fluorescein-PEG6-bis-NHS ester 939.0 95% Pricing