Rhodamine Azide

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Rhodamine azides is a red-emitting rhodamine dye derivative containing an azide group, which enables Click Chemistry.

The following Rhodamine azides are available in BroadPharm. Please click catalog number to see purity specificationsand fluorescence information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Rhodamine Azide

BP-22478 Carboxyrhodamine 110-PEG3-Azide Carboxyrhodamine 110-PEG3-Azide 574.6 95% Pricing
BP-22479 TAMRA-PEG3-Azide TAMRA-PEG3-Azide 630.7 90% Pricing
BP-22687 TAMRA-PEG4-Alkyne TAMRA-PEG4-Alkyne 643.7 90% Pricing