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Custom Synthesis

BroadPharm provides high quality, timely custom synthesis to our clients worldwide at affordable price. Such as:

Custom Conjugation Service

Expert Service

We have extensive experience with various protein labeling techniques and can provide you with high-quality labeled reagents for your downstream applications. We can use your own material or another vendor's antibodies and develop a novel product to meet your needs. We perform scale up from R&D to manufacturing quantities routinely and can apply this expertise to your product when larger quantities are required.

Working with us will free up your time and remove uncertainty, helping you develop robust assays and obtain trustworthy data.

Extensive Range of Conjugates

The most popular conjugation we can offer are shown below. Please inquire if you are interested in a service that is not listed. For a small amount of conjugate (≤ 1mg), please check our Antibody Conjugation Kits.

Our antibody labeling service comes with the same product quality and customer support you expect from standard catalog products. We offer:

Products and Documents of Analysis and Characterization:

Product of bioconjugation, purity of product, high performance liquid chromatogram (including ratio of eluent, separation time, separation column selection), Mass Spectrometry Data,

At BroadPharm, custom bioconjugation reagents are manufactured under a strict quality control process to assure customers' complete satisfaction.

Project Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What delivery time frame can we expect for a custom antibody conjugation service? The expected delivery time of a custom antibody conjugation depends on material availability and your order requirements.  Typically, one week after all the materials received. Please get in touch to get an accurate lead time.
  2. Is there a minimum order size? For antibody oligo conjugation, the minimum amount is 100μg. Otherwise, the minimum order size is 1mg.
  3. What level of validation does BroadPharm perform? The unconjugated material is always tested to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Further validation of the antibody conjugate is performed depending on the label to ensure successful antibody labeling.
  4. Can we send our own antibody to BroadPharm for custom conjugation? We will evaluate your request and confirm if this is possible. If we cannot accommodate your request, we will recommend you to check our extensive range of antibody labeling kits.
  5. Are larger volume requests deliverable in a single, larger vial? Or multiple, smaller vials? In most cases, we can offer the flexibility of either a single larger vial or multiple smaller vials depending on your preference.

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