PEG Linkers

PEG Linkers

PEG linkers are chemically functionalized polyethylene glycol (PEG) linkers. PEG linkers are particularly attractive as very powerful tools in scientific community for conjugation, drug discovery, nanoparticle drug delivery, chemical biology and biolabeling due to their aqueous solubility and non-immunogenicity.

There are two classes of PEG, monodispersed and poly-dispersed. A monodispersed PEG linker has an exact number of PEG units with a specific chemical structure and a precise molecular weight. Whereas a poly-dispersed PEG (also known as Polymer PEG or PolyPEG) is a polymer with an averaged molecular weight.

Example of Monodispersed PEG Linkers

azido-peg4-nhs ester
Figure 1. Azido-PEG4-NHS ester is a popular monodisperse PEG linker with azide and NHS groups.

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PEG Linkers have become widely used in drug discovery, ADC development, bioconjugation and labeling, nanoparticle drug delivery, and PEGylation.

Examples of PEG in Application:

PEG in Antibody Drug Conjugate

In antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), the Linker between antibody and payload can significantly affect the potency, stability, selectivity, and DMPK of an antibody-drug conjugate. For example, ADC drug Zynlonta has incorporated several interesting linker components including the maleimide PEG8 with enzymatically cleavable linkers (Val-Ala) that connect the payload to the antibody (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Zynlonta, shown above, has maleimide-peg8 linkers between antibody and payload SG319 PBD dimer.

PEG in Nanoparticle Drug Delivery

Lipid nanoparticle drug delivery has now become famous with the development of Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines (Figure 3). Typically, the delivery system are composed of a high transition temperature phospholipid, a PEG lipid, and an ionizable cationic phospholipid. One specific example is DSPE-mPEG 2000, which is essential to producing the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Another well-known PEGylated lipid is DMG-PEG 2000, which is used in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

Figure 3. PEG Lipids used in COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer's DSPE-PEG 2000 shown on top and Moderna's DMG-PEG 2000 shown on bottom.

PEG in Small Molecule Drug

Introduction of PEG linkers to small molecule drugs increases the drug's solubility and molecular weight. This may allow for an extended drug half-life in the body. Asclera (Polidocanol) is one example of a small molecule drug that incorporates an m-PEG9 entity which can be used as a local anesthetic in topical ointment form or injected to treat varicose veins (Figure 4).

diagram of polidocanol(Asclera)

Figure 4. Asclera, formed by the ethoxylation of dodecanol, has been patented by Chemische Fabrik Kreussler for the treatment of varicose veins.

Examples of Popular PEG Linkers:

Catalog Product Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
BP-20589Amino-PEG4-alcoholMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20589193.298%Pricing
BP-20659Amino-PEG6-alcoholMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20659281.498%Pricing
BP-21502Amino-PEG8-alcoholMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21502369.598%Pricing
BP-21503Amino-PEG12-alcoholMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21503545.798%Pricing
BP-21113Amino-PEG8-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21113441.597%Pricing
BP-21114Amino-PEG12-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21114617.798%Pricing
BP-21910Amino-PEG24-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-219101146.497%Pricing
BP-21684Amino-PEG4-amineMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21684236.398%Pricing
BP-22251Amino-PEG8-amineMolecular structure of the compound: BP-22251412.598%Pricing
BP-21094Propargyl-PEG4-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21094260.398%Pricing
BP-22822Propargyl-PEG10-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-22822524.698%Pricing
BP-20517Azido-PEG4-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20517291.398%Pricing
BP-20612Azido-PEG6-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20612379.498%Pricing
BP-21825Azido-PEG9-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21825511.698%Pricing
BP-20518Azido-PEG4-NHS esterMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20518388.498%Pricing
BP-21606Azido-PEG8-NHS esterMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21606564.698%Pricing
BP-20522Azido-PEG2-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20522203.298%Pricing
BP-20602Azido-PEG6-alcoholMolecular structure of the compound: BP-20602307.398%Pricing
BP-22224Azido-PEG6-amineMolecular structure of the compound: BP-22224350.498%Pricing
BP-21115m-PEG8-azideMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21115409.598%Pricing
BP-22420TCO-PEG4-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-22420417.595%Pricing
BP-22418TCO-PEG4-NHS esterMolecular structure of the compound: BP-22418514.695%Pricing
BP-24099TCO-PEG3-amineMolecular structure of the compound: BP-24099344.595%Pricing
BP-24081endo-BCN-PEG2-NHS esterMolecular structure of the compound: BP-24081450.597%Pricing
BP-24017DBCO-PEG8-acidMolecular structure of the compound: BP-24017728.898%Pricing
BP-21634Fmoc-PEG8-NHS esterMolecular structure of the compound: BP-21634760.898%Pricing
BP-23868N-(acid-PEG3)-N-bis(PEG3-amine)Molecular structure of the compound: BP-23868571.797%Pricing