Single-Cell Encapsulation via Click Chemistry Involving DBCO-PEG

Single-Cell Encapsulation via Click Chemistry Involving DBCO-PEG

Published by BroadPharm on March 11, 2020

single cell encapsulation

Recently published by the School of Medicine of Stanford University, researchers have been looking into new ways to improve stem cell therapy by decreasing the time, risk and cost. During the process, they have created an experimental design involving click-chemistry and glycoengineering to test different kinds of stiffness of the polymer coating in order to investigate the functionality of the cells. DBCO-PEG-Cy5 was used to study certain parameters, such as the fluorescent intensity, polymers' concentration and incubation time. They have concluded that using the single-cell encapsulation technique can potentially improve direct cellular attachments by coating polymers on their neural progenitor cells (NPCs), which can effectively improve cellular/neural restoration.


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