What are Fluorescent Dyes?

What are Fluorescent Dyes?

Published by BroadPharm on January 04, 2024

Fluorescent dyes, or fluorophores, are characterized by their unique ability to absorb and emit light prominently within the visible spectrum. They are invaluable compounds renowned for their intense fluorescence properties. These dyes, with their remarkable characteristics, hold immense potential for a wide range of biopharma applications.

Fluorescent reagents are ready-to-conjugate fluorescent dyes, which are widely used in bioconjugation and labeling of numerous biomolecules (antibodies, peptides, proteins, nucleotides, etc.), making them indispensable tools in various scientific endeavors.

BroadPharm's fluorescent reagents (dyes) cover a broad spectrum of fluorophores attached with several popular functional groups such as azide, DBCO, alkyne, TCO, tetrazine, NHS active ester, amine, maleimide, and thiol groups for conjugation or labeling purposes.

Our fluorescent reagents (dyes) are not just products; they are solutions tailored to meet your research needs.

Key features include:

High Water Solubility: Facilitating seamless integration into aqueous environments, our dyes ensure optimal performance in diverse experimental setups.

Low Non-Specific Binding: Say goodbye to unwanted interactions. Our dyes minimize non-specific binding, providing clarity and precision in your results.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N): Elevate the quality of your data with our dyes, boasting a high S/N ratio for enhanced accuracy and reliability in your fluorescence-based assays.

Exploring the Fluorescent Palette: BroadPharm's Exceptional Offerings

Elevate your research with BP Fluor, a versatile fluorescent dye that promises precision and reliability in every application. Navigate through BroadPharm's extensive catalog of BP Fluor:

BP Fluor 350
BP Fluor 405
BP Fluor 430
BP Fluor 488
BP Fluor 532
BP Fluor 546
BP Fluor 555
BP Fluor 568
BP Fluor 594
BP Fluor 647
BP Fluor 660R

BDP Labeling: Embrace the versatility of BODIPY, a dye compatible with all types of fluorescence measuring instruments for FAM (fluorescein).

Navigate the vibrant hues of Cyanine dyes, each offering a distinct fluorescence-emitting color profile for your unique research needs:

Cy3 Labeling
Cy3.5 Labeling
Cy5 Labeling
Cy5.5 Labeling
Cy7 Labeling

Fluorescein Labeling: Brighten up your experiments with Fluorescein, a xanthene universal dye reliable with its vivid and consistent performance.

Rhodamine Labeling: Experience the vivid colors of Rhodamine, a fluorescent dye renowned for its multicolor labeling and staining applications.

800CW Labeling: Venture into the realm of near-infrared, highly water-soluble fluorescence with the 800cw Dye, unlocking new possibilities for your research in this extended spectrum.

Pyrene Labeling: Uncover the potential of Pyrene dyes, designed to add a touch of sophistication to your fluorescence-based investigations

Embark on a journey of discovery with BroadPharm's exceptional fluorescent dyes, where innovation, reliability, and brilliance converge to redefine the boundaries of scientific exploration.