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BroadPharm provides monofunctional or heterobifunctional PEG Phosphonate or PEG Phosphonic acids with various active groups.

The following PEG Phosphonate or PEG Phosphonic acids are available at BroadPharm. Click the catalog number to see purity specifications and property information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

PEG-bis(phosphonic acid)

BP-21701 PEG2-bis(phosphonic acid) PEG2-bis(phosphonic acid) 278.1 98% Pricing
BP-21707 PEG3-bis(phosphonic acid) PEG3-bis(phosphonic acid) 322.2 98% Pricing

PEG-bis-(ethyl phosphonate)

BP-21706 PEG3-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) PEG3-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) 434.4 98% Pricing
BP-21700 PEG5-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) PEG5-bis-(ethyl phosphonate) 522.5 98% Pricing

Azido-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-23162 Azido-PEG3-phosphonic acid Azido-PEG3-phosphonic acid 283.2 98% Pricing

Azido-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-23160 Azido-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester Azido-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 339.3 98% Pricing

Bromo-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-21709 Bromo-PEG2-phosphonic acid Bromo-PEG2-phosphonic acid 277.1 98% Pricing
BP-21732 Bromo-PEG3-phosphonic acid Bromo-PEG3-phosphonic acid 321.1 98% Pricing
BP-21731 Bromo-PEG5-phosphonic acid Bromo-PEG5-phosphonic acid 409.2 98% Pricing

Bromo-PEG-phosphonic acid diethyl ester

BP-21708 Bromo-PEG2-phosphonic acid diethyl ester Bromo-PEG2-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 333.2 98% Pricing
BP-21703 Bromo-PEG3-phosphonic acid diethyl ester Bromo-PEG3-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 377.2 98% Pricing
BP-21702 Bromo-PEG5-phosphonic acid diethyl ester Bromo-PEG5-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 465.3 98% Pricing

Carboxy-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-23289 Carboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid Carboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid 330.3 98% Pricing

Carboxy-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-23271 Carboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester Carboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 386.4 98% Pricing

t-butyoxycarboxy-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-24061 t-butyoxycarboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester t-butyoxycarboxy-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 442.5 98% Pricing

Diethoxy-phosphorylethyl-PEG-ethylphosphonic acid

BP-21710 Diethoxy-phosphorylethyl-PEG5-ethylphosphonic acid Diethoxy-phosphorylethyl-PEG5-ethylphosphonic acid 466.4 98% Pricing

m-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-22757 m-PEG2-phosphonic acid m-PEG2-phosphonic acid 184.1 98% Pricing
BP-23119 m-PEG4-phosphonic acid m-PEG4-phosphonic acid 272.2 98% Pricing
BP-22758 m-PEG5-phosphonic acid m-PEG5-phosphonic acid 316.3 98% Pricing
BP-22759 m-PEG9-phosphonic acid m-PEG9-phosphonic acid 492.5 98% Pricing

m-PEG-(CH2)-phosphonic acid

BP-23361 m-PEG4-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid m-PEG4-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid 356.4 96% Pricing
BP-23365 m-PEG6-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid m-PEG6-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid 444.5 96% Pricing
BP-23520 m-PEG8-(CH2)12-phosphonic acid m-PEG8-(CH2)12-phosphonic acid 588.7 98% Pricing

m-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-23118 m-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG4-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 328.3 98% Pricing
BP-22772 m-PEG5-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG5-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 372.4 98% Pricing
BP-22773 m-PEG9-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG9-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 548.6 98% Pricing

m-PEG-(CH2)-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-23362 m-PEG4-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG4-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 412.5 96% Pricing
BP-23364 m-PEG6-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG6-(CH2)8-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 500.6 96% Pricing
BP-23643 m-PEG8-(CH2)12-phosphonic acid ethyl ester m-PEG8-(CH2)12-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 644.8 98% Pricing

Propargyl-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-23272 Propargyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid Propargyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid 252.2 98% Pricing

Propargyl-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-23752 Propargyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester Propargyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 308.3 98% Pricing

S-acetyl-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-22924 S-acetyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester S-acetyl-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 372.4 98% Pricing

Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid

BP-22997 Thiol-PEG3-phosphonic acid Thiol-PEG3-phosphonic acid 274.3 90% Pricing

Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid ethyl ester

BP-22965 Thiol-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester Thiol-PEG3-phosphonic acid ethyl ester 330.4 90% Pricing

PEG-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester)

BP-21813 PEG3-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) PEG3-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) 378.3 98% Pricing
BP-21812 PEG4-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) PEG4-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) 422.4 98% Pricing
BP-21587 PEG5-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) PEG5-bis(phosphonic acid diethyl ester) 466.4 98% Pricing

(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-ethyl-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester

BP-21726 [2-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-ethyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester [2-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-ethyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester 332.3 98% Pricing
BP-21722 [4-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-butyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester [4-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-butyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester 360.3 98% Pricing
BP-21723 [6-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-hexyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester [6-(Diethoxy-phosphorylamino)-hexyl]-phosphoramidic acid diethyl ester 388.4 96% Pricing


BP-21705 Tetraethyl butane-1,4-diylbis(phosphonate) Tetraethyl butane-1,4-diylbis(phosphonate) 330.3 98% Pricing
BP-21693 Tetraethyl heptane-1,7-diylbis(phosphonate) Tetraethyl heptane-1,7-diylbis(phosphonate) 372.4 98% Pricing
BP-21692 Tetraethyl octane-1,8-diylbis(phosphonate) Tetraethyl octane-1,8-diylbis(phosphonate) 386.4 98% Pricing
BP-21735 Tetraethyl decane-1,10-diylbis(phosphonate) Tetraethyl decane-1,10-diylbis(phosphonate) 414.5 96% Pricing

Phosphonic acid

BP-21704 Butane-1,4-diyldiphosphonic acid Butane-1,4-diyldiphosphonic acid 218.1 98% Pricing
BP-21699 Hexane-1,6-diyldiphosphonic acid Hexane-1,6-diyldiphosphonic acid 246.1 98% Pricing
BP-21730 [10-(Diethoxy-phosphoryl)-decyl]-phosphonic acid [10-(Diethoxy-phosphoryl)-decyl]-phosphonic acid 358.4 98% Pricing

Bromo-phosphonic acid

BP-21734 4-bromobutylphosphonic acid 4-bromobutylphosphonic acid 217.0 97% Pricing
BP-21712 6-Bromohexylphosphonic acid 6-Bromohexylphosphonic acid 245.1 98% Pricing
BP-21728 10-bromodecylphosphonic acid 10-bromodecylphosphonic acid 301.2 98% Pricing


BP-21711 diethyl 4-bromobutylphosphonate diethyl 4-bromobutylphosphonate 273.1 98% Pricing
BP-21694 diethyl 7-bromoheptylphosphonate diethyl 7-bromoheptylphosphonate 315.2 98% Pricing
BP-21689 diethyl 8-bromooctylphosphonate diethyl 8-bromooctylphosphonate 329.2 98% Pricing
BP-21729 diethyl 10-bromodecylphosphonate diethyl 10-bromodecylphosphonate 357.3 98% Pricing
BP-23607 diethyl 12-bromodecylphosphonate diethyl 12-bromodecylphosphonate 385.3 98% Pricing