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Propargyl-PEG-alcohol is a PEG derivative containing a propargyl group and a hydroxyl group. The hydroxyl group enables further derivatization or replacement with other reactive functional groups. The propargyl group can be reacted with azide-bearing compounds or biomolecules via copper catalyzed azide-alkyne Click Chemistry to yield a stable triazole linkage.

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Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing


BP-21657 Propargyl-PEG2-alcohol Propargyl-PEG2-alcohol 100.1 98% Pricing
BP-20675 Propargyl-PEG3-alcohol Propargyl-PEG3-alcohol 144.2 98% Pricing
BP-21724 Propargyl-PEG4-alcohol Propargyl-PEG4-alcohol 188.2 98% Pricing
BP-20648 Propargyl-PEG5-alcohol Propargyl-PEG5-alcohol 232.3 98% Pricing
BP-22010 Propargyl-PEG6-alcohol Propargyl-PEG6-alcohol 276.3 98% Pricing
BP-20719 Propargyl-PEG7-alcohol Propargyl-PEG7-alcohol 320.4 98% Pricing
BP-22797 Propargyl-PEG8-alcohol Propargyl-PEG8-alcohol 364.4 98% Pricing
BP-22056 Propargyl-PEG9-alcohol Propargyl-PEG9-alcohol 408.5 98% Pricing
BP-22812 Propargyl-PEG10-alcohol Propargyl-PEG10-alcohol 452.5 98% Pricing
BP-22517 Propargyl-PEG13-alcohol Propargyl-PEG13-alcohol 584.7 98% Pricing
BP-22829 Propargyl-PEG14-alcohol Propargyl-PEG14-alcohol 628.8 98% Pricing
BP-22856 Propargyl-PEG18-alcohol Propargyl-PEG18-alcohol 805.0 98% Pricing