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The tetrazine ligation is the reaction of a trans-cyclooctene and an s-tetrazine in an inverse electron demand Diels Alder (IEDDA) reaction followed by a retro-Diels Alder reaction to eliminate nitrogen gas. This is a fast reaction with a second order rate constant of 2000 M−1–s−1 (in 9:1 methanol/water) allowing modification of biomolecules at very low concentrations. This ligation can be performed in aqueous media with very fast speed. Reactions have also been performed using TCO or norbornenes as dienophiles at second order rates on the order of 1 M−1•s−1 in aqueous media. The reaction has been applied in labeling live cells and other bio-entities.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing


BP-22433 Methyltetrazine-amine HCl salt Methyltetrazine-amine HCl salt 201.2 95% Pricing
BP-22434 Methyltetrazine-propylamine HCl salt Methyltetrazine-propylamine HCl salt 245.3 95% Pricing
BP-22435 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-amine HCl salt Methyltetrazine-PEG4-amine HCl salt 363.4 95% Pricing
BP-24098 Methyltetrazine-PEG24-amine HCl salt Methyltetrazine-PEG24-amine HCl salt 1244.5 98% Pricing


BP-22431 Tetrazine-Acid Tetrazine-Acid 216.2 95% Pricing
BP-22430 Methyltetrazine-acid Methyltetrazine-acid 230.2 95% Pricing
BP-22428 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-acid Methyltetrazine-PEG4-acid 436.5 95% Pricing
BP-23866 Methyltetrazine-PEG8-acid Methyltetrazine-PEG8-acid 612.7 95% Pricing
BP-23878 Methyltetrazine-PEG12-acid Methyltetrazine-PEG12-acid 788.9 98% Pricing
BP-24013 Methyltetrazine-PEG24-acid Methyltetrazine-PEG24-acid 1317.5 97% Pricing

Tetrazine-PEG-NHS ester

BP-22946 Tetrazine-NHS ester Tetrazine-NHS ester 313.3 95% Pricing
BP-22947 Tetrazine-Sulfo-NHS ester Tetrazine-Sulfo-NHS ester 415.3 90% Pricing
BP-22429 Methyltetrazine-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-NHS ester 327.3 95% Pricing
BP-22944 Methyltetrazine-Sulfo-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-Sulfo-NHS ester 429.3 90% Pricing
BP-22681 Tetrazine-PEG5-NHS ester Tetrazine-PEG5-NHS ester 604.6 95% Pricing
BP-22945 Methyltetrazine-PEG5-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-PEG5-NHS ester 533.5 95% Pricing
BP-23867 Methyltetrazine-PEG8-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-PEG8-NHS ester 709.8 98% Pricing
BP-23871 Methyltetrazine-PEG12-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-PEG12-NHS ester 886.0 98% Pricing
BP-23971 Methyltetrazine-PEG24-NHS ester Methyltetrazine-PEG24-NHS ester 1414.6 98% Pricing


BP-23732 4-(6-methyl-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl)phenol 4-(6-methyl-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl)phenol 188.2 98% Pricing


BP-22444 Methyltetrazine-PEG5-alkyne Methyltetrazine-PEG5-alkyne 402.5 95% Pricing


BP-22446 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-azide Methyltetrazine-PEG4-azide 389.4 95% Pricing
BP-23552 Methyltetrazine-amido-PEG7-azide Methyltetrazine-amido-PEG7-azide 606.7 98% Pricing


BP-22939 Biotin-PEG4-methyltetrazine Biotin-PEG4-methyltetrazine 589.7 95% Pricing


BP-23817 Methyltetrazine-PEG12-DBCO Methyltetrazine-PEG12-DBCO 1003.2 88% Pricing
BP-22445 Methyltetrazine-DBCO Methyltetrazine-DBCO 683.7 95% Pricing


BP-22436 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-maleimide Methyltetrazine-PEG4-maleimide 514.5 95% Pricing


BP-23972 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-NH-Boc Methyltetrazine-PEG4-NH-Boc 463.5 98% Pricing
BP-24104 Methyltetrazine-PEG24-NH-Boc Methyltetrazine-PEG24-NH-Boc 1344.6 98% Pricing

Tetrazine-PEG-t-butyl ester

BP-23873 Methyltetrazine-PEG12-t-butyl ester Methyltetrazine-PEG12-t-butyl ester 845.0 98% Pricing
BP-24012 Methyltetrazine-PEG24-t-butyl ester Methyltetrazine-PEG24-t-butyl ester 1373.6 98% Pricing


BP-24141 Methyltetrazine-PEG5-triethoxysilane Methyltetrazine-PEG5-triethoxysilane 639.8 98% Pricing


BP-24189 Gly-Gly-Gly-PEG4-methyltetrazine Gly-Gly-Gly-PEG4-methyltetrazine 534.6 98% Pricing


BP-22940 TAMRA-PEG4-Tetrazine TAMRA-PEG4-Tetrazine 846.9 90% Pricing
BP-22443 TAMRA-PEG4-Methyltetrazine TAMRA-PEG4-Methyltetrazine 775.9 90% Pricing

Other tetrazine reagents

BP-24192 Benzenemethanamine, 4-[6-(2-pyridinyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl]-, TFA salt Benzenemethanamine, 4-[6-(2-pyridinyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl]-, TFA salt 264.3 98% Pricing