Carboxyl/Carbonyl Reactive

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The alkyne can be reacted with azide-bearing compounds or biomolecules via copper catalyzed azide-alkyne Click Chemistry to yield a stable triazole linkage.

The following carboxyl/carbonyl reactive alkynes are available at Broadpharm. Click the catalog number to see purity specifications and property information.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Carboxyl/Carbonyl Reactive

BP-22770 Propargyl-PEG1-amine Propargyl-PEG1-amine 99.1 98% Pricing
BP-22519 Propargyl-PEG2-amine Propargyl-PEG2-amine 143.2 98% Pricing
BP-21683 Propargyl-PEG3-amine Propargyl-PEG3-amine 187.2 98% Pricing
BP-22520 Propargyl-PEG4-amine Propargyl-PEG4-amine 231.3 98% Pricing
BP-22103 Propargyl-PEG5-amine Propargyl-PEG5-amine 275.3 98% Pricing
BP-22876 Propargyl-PEG6-amine Propargyl-PEG6-amine 319.4 98% Pricing
BP-22521 Propargyl-PEG8-amine Propargyl-PEG8-amine 407.5 98% Pricing
BP-23419 Propargyl-PEG9-amine Propargyl-PEG9-amine 451.6 95% Pricing
BP-23637 Propargyl-PEG10-amine Propargyl-PEG10-amine 495.6 98% Pricing
BP-23543 Propargyl-PEG12-amine Propargyl-PEG12-amine 583.7 98% Pricing
BP-23544 Propargyl-PEG24-amine Propargyl-PEG24-amine 1112.4 98% Pricing
BP-23164 Aminooxy-PEG1-propargyl HCl salt Aminooxy-PEG1-propargyl HCl salt 115.1 98% Pricing
BP-22774 Aminooxy-PEG3-propargyl Aminooxy-PEG3-propargyl 203.2 95% Pricing
BP-22987 Aminooxy-PEG4-propargyl Aminooxy-PEG4-propargyl 247.3 98% Pricing