Cyanine Labeling

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Cyanine dyes are popular fluorescent dyes compatible with various detection techniques and standard filters. Different cyanine substituents will allow various reactive functions including Click Chemistry.

The following cyanine reagents are available at Broadpharm. Please Click the catalog number to see purity specifications, fluorescence information and availability.

Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Cyanine Labeling

BP-23038 N-methyl-N'-methyl-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy3 N-methyl-N'-methyl-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy3 829.5 98% Pricing
BP-23013 N-methyl-N'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 N-methyl-N'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 620.3 97% Pricing
BP-23000 N-(hydroxy-PEG2)-N'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 N-(hydroxy-PEG2)-N'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 737.4 97% Pricing
BP-23009 N-(m-PEG9)-N'-(propargyl-PEG8)-Cy5 N-(m-PEG9)-N'-(propargyl-PEG8)-Cy5 1191.9 97% Pricing
BP-23023 N-methyl-N'-methyl-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 N-methyl-N'-methyl-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 855.5 96% Pricing
BP-23017 N-(m-PEG4)-N'-(m-PEG4)-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 N-(m-PEG4)-N'-(m-PEG4)-O-(m-PEG4)-O'-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 1207.9 97% Pricing
BP-23001 N,N'-bis-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 N,N'-bis-(propargyl-PEG4)-Cy5 819.5 97% Pricing
BP-22527 Cy3 alkyne Cy3 alkyne 530.2 96% Pricing
BP-23369 diSulfo-Cy3 alkyne diSulfo-Cy3 alkyne 675.8 95% Pricing
BP-22528 Cy5 alkyne Cy5 alkyne 556.2 96% Pricing
BP-22529 Cy5.5 alkyne Cy5.5 alkyne 656.3 96% Pricing
BP-22532 Sulfo-Cy5 alkyne Sulfo-Cy5 alkyne 701.8 96% Pricing
BP-22957 Trisulfo-Cy3-Alkyne Trisulfo-Cy3-Alkyne 805.9 90% Pricing
BP-22958 Trisulfo-Cy5-Alkyne Trisulfo-Cy5-Alkyne 788.0 90% Pricing
BP-22959 Trisulfo-Cy5.5-Alkyne Trisulfo-Cy5.5-Alkyne 954.1 90% Pricing
BP-23920 Cy7 alkyne Cy7 alkyne 622.3 95% Pricing
BP-23921 Sulfo-Cy7 alkyne Sulfo-Cy7 alkyne 784.1 95% Pricing