Azido-PEG-t-butyl ester

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Azido-PEG-t-butyl ester is a PEG derivative containing an azide group and a t-butyl protected carboxyl group. The protected carboxyl group (COOH) prevents self coupling or polymerization under standard acid/amine or acid/hydroxyl coupling conditions. The protected acid can be deprotected by acidic or basic hydrolysis. The azide group enables Click Chemistry.

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Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing

Azido-PEG-t-butyl ester

BP-20673 Azido-PEG1-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG1-t-butyl ester 215.3 98% Pricing
BP-20521 Azido-PEG2-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG2-t-butyl ester 259.3 98% Pricing
BP-20637 Azido-PEG3-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG3-t-butyl ester 303.4 98% Pricing
BP-20436 Azido-PEG4-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG4-t-butyl ester 347.4 98% Pricing
BP-21012 Azide-PEG5-t-butyl ester Azide-PEG5-t-butyl ester 391.5 98% Pricing
BP-20507 Azido-PEG6-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG6-t-butyl ester 435.5 98% Pricing
BP-21083 Azido-PEG8-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG8-t-butyl ester 523.6 98% Pricing
BP-21823 Azido-PEG9-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG9-t-butyl ester 567.7 98% Pricing
BP-24004 Azido-PEG10-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG10-t-butyl ester 611.7 98% Pricing
BP-21836 Azido-PEG12-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG12-t-butyl ester 699.8 98% Pricing
BP-24058 Azido-PEG15-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG15-t-butyl ester 832.0 97% Pricing
BP-21992 Azido-PEG16-t-butyl ester Azido-PEG16-t-butyl ester 876.1 95% Pricing