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Bromo-PEG-azide is a PEG derivative containing an azide group and a bromide group. The azide group enables Click Chemistry and the bromide (Br) is a very good leaving group for nucleophilic substitution reactions.

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Catalog No. Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing


BP-24132 Bromo-PEG1-azide Bromo-PEG1-azide 194.0 98% Pricing
BP-21716 Bromo-PEG2-azide Bromo-PEG2-azide 238.1 98% Pricing
BP-21718 Bromo-PEG3-azide Bromo-PEG3-azide 282.1 98% Pricing
BP-22128 Bromo-PEG4-azide Bromo-PEG4-azide 326.2 98% Pricing
BP-21801 Bromo-PEG5-azide Bromo-PEG5-azide 370.2 98% Pricing
BP-23443 Bromo-PEG6-azide Bromo-PEG6-azide 414.3 98% Pricing